Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender JB 3273SI


  • Power 800 Watts
  • Easy to Clean
  • Thermo resistant Glass
  • Silent Blending
  • 2 Wet/Dry Grinding Cups Included
  • Glass Blending Jug
  • 1 Year Warranty


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Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender JB 3273SI

The new PowerBlend 3 Jug blender JB 3273SI makes preparing your favourite food and beverages fast and easy. The specially designed triangular-shaped jug features TriAction Technology for easy blending of all kinds of food. Its unique edges help avoid blind spots and redirect the ingredients to the blending area faster for great results for all your recipes. Order your Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender JB 3273SI online today in Pakistan.

What’s in the box

PowerBlend 3 Jug blender metal with glass jug

Smoothie2Go bottles (2x)


TriAction Technology

Blend all kinds of food. Thanks to the specially designed JB 3273SI triangular-shaped jug, blind spots are avoided and the ingredients are redirected faster to the blending area.


SmoothCrush blade system

The higher blade positioning enables efficient blending circulation, creating perfect flow for optimum blending results.


Powerful 800 Watt motor

With Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender JB 3273SI enjoy the power you need to mix, puree, crush ice, and more. The highly efficient 800 Watt motor makes preparing your favorite food and beverages fast and easy.


Silent blending

Designed for less noise and more efficient blending, the PowerBlend 3 lets you whip up your morning smoothie without waking up the whole house.


Easy to clean

All parts are easy to disassemble and can be placed directly into dishwasher, including goblet, lid and even blades.


Thermo resistant glass

No blending limits – easily blend sauces, hot soups, icy drinks and more without the risk of thermal cracking.


Premium stainless steel base

For an elegant and modern kitchen design.


Speed settings: Variable speeds
Working capacity: 1.5 l
Jug material: Thermo resistant glass
Pulse function: yes
TriAction Technology: Triangular jug for efficient blending circulation: Yes
Silent blending: Yes
Measuring cup: Yes


Power cord length: 850 mm
Triangular jug for efficient blending circulation: Yes
Colour: Stainless steel
Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Blade material: Stainless steel
Wattage: 800
Safety system: Yes
Removable blender knife: Yes
BPA free food contact parts: Yes
Cord storage: Yes
Product weight: 2,293 g
Blade system: Yes
Product dimensions: 400 x 200 mm

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg



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