Black+Decker 60W 16 Inch 3 Speed Wall Fan FW1610


  • 16 Inch Fan
  • 3 Speeds control
  • Capacity: 60W
  • 2 year warranty
CompareSold By: Ezzi Electronics

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Black+Decker 60W 16 Inch 3 Speed Wall Fan FW1610

The Black and Decker 16inch Wall Fan is all that you need for enhanced cooling experience. This wall fan provides effective cooling and comes in handy especially during hot summers. With a horizontal sweep, this fan covers a large area, thereby providing fresh air to everyone in the room. Also, it offers exceptional air circulation, thanks to its 16inch blade. Furthermore, this smartly-designed fan can be mounted with effortless ease. Operating it is as convenient as it can get, courtesy of easy-to-access speed string control. With three speed controls, you can adjust the speed to your liking. Plus, the wired grill provides much-required safety. With vertical positioning and guard securing clip, this effective fan offers excellent directional air flow.

Key Features

  • 16 Inch Fan
  • 3 Speeds control
  • Capacity: 60W

Black and White

Fresh Air

Come home to fresh and cool air, thanks to this effective Black and Decker wall fan. It covers a large area, thus providing relief from hot summers to everyone in a room. The 16inch blade offers even air circulation.

Perfect Modern-Day Design

This 16inch Black and Decker fan boasts of its attractive design. Thanks to its well-thought construction, you can mount it onto any wall, with effortless ease. Furthermore, you can operate it with ultimate comfort, courtesy of convenient speed string control and three-speed control.

Black+Decker 16 Inch Wall Fan

The Black and Decker 16inch Wall Fan is perfect to mount in small offices or rooms with limited space for a ceiling fan. This wall fan runs on a 55W motor that offers adequate breeze to keep you cool. The 5 blades of the fan ensure durability by withstanding the drag made by the speed. You can select the speed of the fan from the low, medium, and high settings. The 90-degree wide oscillation of the fan covers a large angle. You can adjust the direction tilt of the fan manually as per your requirement.

Black+Decker 16 Inch Wall Fan

Keeps You Cool

The powerful 55W tropical rated motor of the Black and Decker wall fan ensures a steady breeze without any interruptions. You can set the speed to low, medium, or high setting as per requirement. The tilt is also adjustable to your liking.

 Black+Decker 16 Inch Wall Fan

Fits in Tight Spaces

The space-saving design of the wall fan enables you to install it in spaces where very limited space is available. You can easily reach to the drawcord to turn on the fall without standing up in your chair.

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