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Anex Chopper with Blender

Anex Chopper With Blender AG-3045


• Chopper & blender
• Easy to use, easy cleaning, large capacity.
• Ideal for chopping, Shredding, Slicing and Mincing Meat,
• Beans, Garlic, Onion, Ginger etc.
• Super quality stainless steel blades.
• Durable plastic blender jug.
• Two speed and pulse control.
• 220-240V
• 50/60Hz
• 500W

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Anex Chopper With Blender AG-3045

Anex Chopper with Blender

Anex Chopper with Blender AG-3045

Ideal for chopping and mincing meat, beans garlic, onion, gingers. etc. Puree, blend, mix, crumb, liquefy and grand the quick and effective way. Two speed pulse control.

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